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Two Songs for E-flat Contrabass Sarrusophone

In 2016, I received a commission from Rufus Acosta for a new work for Contrabass Sarrusophone. This unusual instrument I’ve had a long interest in. In fact, I played and performed on one throughout my undergraduate studies usually in lieu of the more common Contrabassoon. As I researched the instrument more, I grew away of its compositional possibilities and have been eager to include it in some of my works. It just so happens that Rufus saw my interest and reached out to ask if I would write him this piece. I quickly, and gladly obliged.

The whole piece was written over the span of two or three days during a rare snow and ice storm here in Texas (hence the second movement entitled “Snowfall”). As I was holed up at home, I devoted my energies to the task of Rufus’ piece and am delighted with this work that is unusually light for my output.

The work is also completely acceptable to be played on the Contrabass Saxophone and at least one player has given keen interest in doing so.

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