Prelude and Fugue for Four Trombones (2002)


Der Totentanz - for woodwind ensemble (2003)

Octet - for double reeds (2007)

Sextet for Sarrusophones (2007)

Sonatina for Sopranino Saxophone and Piano (2007)

Woodwind Quintet (2007)

Quintet for Bassoons (2006/2017)

Three Songs for Contra-Alto Clarinet and Piano (2017)

Two Songs for Contrabass Sarrusophone and Piano (2017)

Lament for Tenor Clarinet and Marimba (2017)

The City in the Sea - for Saxophone Choir (2017)

Varanus for E-flat Alto Sarrusophone and Piano (2018)

Sauroposeidon for solo B-flat Contrabass Clarinet (2018)

Giraffititan for solo E-flat Great Bass Clarinet (2018)

Edda for solo Bassoon (2018)

The Death of Myrrdin for Bass Oboe, Heckelphone, and Bassoon (2019)

Sonata for Euphonium (2019)

La Chanson de l'Oriole (2019)