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The character of Myrddin (most commonly known as Merlin), has long been a part of English mythology and folklore and his association with the legends of King Arthur is well known.  However, in all of the combined stories, we never witness his death and it is said that he still sleeps awaiting the day when he is once again needed. Here, I imagine that the world has moved on from the wild days of ancient legend as we’ve forgotten the wilderness and natural spaces that gave Myrddin his power. Myrddin dies not a worldly death but fades away into distant memory never to be reawakened.


This piece was written for Mikey Sluman in February 2019 and premiered in October of 2019 at the Leeds School of Music in England with Mikey Sluman on Bass Oboe, John McDougall on Heckelphone, and David Baker on Bassoon. 

The Death of Myrddin

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