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This set of miniatures was written as a composition challenge where I set out to write a small, short work for solo woodwind instrument every day during the month of June 2021. This set of miniatures is the first group of these to be completed.


Each miniature features a different member of the flute family. Some of these flutes are rarely seen, yet they offer players and composers wonderful colors that I love to explore. Each of these pieces explores the tonal characteristics of these eight sizes of flutes and they serve as a showcase for the entire family.


1. for Piccolo

2. for G Treble Flute

3. for E-flat Soprano Flute

4. for C Flute

5. for Alto Flute

6. for Tenor (Bass) Flute

7. for Baritone (Contra-Alto) Flute

8. for Bass (Contrabass) Flute

Eight Miniatures for Flutes

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