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In 2006, I became enamoured with the Contraforte, a newly developed Contrabassoon made by Guntram Wolf. This instrument has more potential for a composer than does the traditional Contrabassoon with a useable range of over an octave more than the traditional instrument.


During that time, I was also playing a lot of Latin American music and became enamoured with the music of South America. To that end, I used the famous folk tune "El Condor Pasa" as the basis for this concerto.


This work requires a high level of skill from the Contrabassoonist and takes full advantage of the extended range of the Contraforte with a nearly four octave range (from a written A1 to G-sharp5). 


This edition makes some significant changes over the original composition deleting a large section of the long introduction.

Concerto for Contrabassoon and Orchestra - Piano reduction

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