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*New in 2019! I have just released the updated version of Volume 2. There are over 75 more pages of text and examples. This version is also slightly corrected to fix a few earlier errors.


This book continues where Band Orchestration - Volume 1 left off. Here, we take a deep dive into the world of woodwinds. With over 150 photos, 400 musical examples, and 200 charts, this book offers one of the most complete looks at woodwind scoring available. Part instrumentation guide, part orchestration treatise, and part instrument encyclopedia, this book will serve as a solid reference for band and orchestral composers alike.


The book total in at 489 pages in length. Each instrument family gets four detailed chapters covering general information and history, technique (including extended techniques and fingering charts), individual accounts of all extant members of the family, and a detailed look at the makeup of various ways to constitute a section of that family.


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Introduction to the Woodwinds

Chapter 3 - Flutes

Chapter 4 - Flute Technique

Chapter 5 - The Flute Family

Chapter 6 - The Flute Section

Chapter 7 - Oboes

Chapter 8 - Oboe Technique

Chapter 9 - The Oboe Family

Chapter 10 - The Oboe Section

Chapter 11 - Clarinets

Chapter 12 - Clarinet Technique

Chapter 13 - The Clarinet Family

Chapter 14 - The Clarinet Section

Chapter 15 - Saxophones

Chapter 16 - Saxophone Technique

Chapter 17 - The Saxophone Family

Chapter 18 - The Saxophone Section

Chapter 19 - Bassoons

Chapter 20 - Bassoon Technique

Chapter 21 - The Bassoon Family

Chapter 22 - The Bassoon Section

Chapter 23 - Recorders

Chapter 24 - Recorder Technique

Chapter 25 - The Recorder Family

Chapter 26 - Sarrusophones

Chapter 27 - The Sarrusophone Family

Chapter 28 - Miscellaneous and Historical Woodwinds

Chapter 29 - Woodwind Doubling



A big shoutout to the American composer and orchestrator Bret Newton for his extraordinary book on woodwind orchestration which I finally got in my postbox this morning! In my younger years I read several orchestration books, everything from books by the old masters such as Berlioz and Korsakov, to more modern ones; however none of them are as detailed and for sure not as updated as this one. These 489 pages on only woodwinds are without comparison the most comprehensive book ever written on woodwind scoring.... I highly recommend this book.... A true goldmine for future / updated composers.

-Kristian Oma Rønnes

(eBook) Band Orchestration - Volume 2: Woodwinds

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