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Band Orchestration - Volume 3: Brass is the long-awaited next addition to my textbook series on composing for the wind band. This book delves deep into the brass instruments in a way never before tackled by any orchestration text. At over 400 pages in length, it proves to be the most comprehensive book one brass scoring ever written. Easily readable, this book takes a look at both modern and historical aspects of brass instruments so that both the composer and the conductor can better understand these instruments. Like Volume 2: Woodwinds, this book is also part encyclopedia covering every possible brass instrument that one may encounter in a score as well as focusing on regional variations of the instruments.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Brass Instruments

Chapter 2 - General Brass Technique

Chapter 3 - Natural Brass

Chapter 4 - Horns

Chapter 5 - The Horn Section

Chapter 6 - Wagner Tuben

Chapter 7 - Cornets

Chapter 8 - The Cornet Family

Chapter 9 - The Cornet Section

Chapter 10 - Trumpets

Chapter 11 - The Trumpet Family

Chapter 12 - The Trumpet Section

Chapter 13 - Trombones

Chapter 14 - The Trombone Family

Chapter 15 - The Trombone Section

Chapter 16 - Tubas

Chapter 17 - The Tuba Family

Chapter 18 - The Tuba Section

Chapter 19 - Marching Brass

Chapter 20 - Serpents, Ophicleides, and Kin

Chapter 21 - Cimbassi

(eBook) Band Orchestration - Volume 3: Brass

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