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This is a commissioning consortium for a new work for low clarinet ensemble. The ensemble will be comprised of parts for the following:

  • 2 E-flat Alto Clarinets
  • 6 B-flat Bass Clarinets
  • 1 E-flat Great Bass (Contra-Alto) Clarinet
  • 1 B-flat Contrabass Clarinet


The work will be approximately 10 minutes in length and will be appropriate for collegiate or adult clarinet choirs. The premiere of the performance will take place in August 2025 by the Plattsburgh Clarinet Choir.


Costs and Benefits:


A minimum of 10 consortium members will be needed to complete the project. Unlimited spots beyond 10 will be available.


Tier 1 - $100

  • This will be the basic level. It will include a full score and a set of parts (digital) to be sent upon the completion of the engraving. It will also ensure the consortium member that their name or the name of their organization is included in the score. All persons or organizations will have exclusive performing rights for one year after delivery of the composition.

Tier 2 - $150

  • This will include all the benefits of tier 1 with the addition of one one-hour video lesson/rehearsal with the composer. In-person is also possible with the proviso that the organization provides travel expenses beyond those of a reasonable driving distance (roughly two hours of driving time).


E-mail with any questions –

Low Clarinet Ensemble - Commissioning Consortium - Tier 1

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