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Symphony 2 is one of the largest works ever written for wind ensemble. It is a complex and psychological look at human existence from birth through death as viewed by brief passing dreams. The large size of the ensemble enables a wider palette of colors than has ever been used before. The exploration of color is at the heart of the work.


A virtual performance of the piece was premiered in July of 2021.




Piccolo 1 (opt. D Piccolo)

G Treble Flute = Piccolo 2

2 C Flutes

2 Alto Flutes

Tenor Flute

2 Oboes

Oboe d’Amore

Alto Oboe

Tenor Oboe

E Clarinet

C Clarinet

2 B Clarinets

A Clarinet

2 F Alto Clarinets

2 E Tenor Clarinets

2 B Bass Clarinets

EGreat Bass Clarinet

BContrabass Clarinet

BSubcontrabass Clarinet (opt.)

E Sopranino Saxophone

B Soprano Saxophone

2 E Alto Saxophones

C Tenor Saxophone

B Tenor Saxophone

E Baritone Saxophone

B Bass Saxophone

G Tenor Bassoon

3 Bassoons


Subcontrabassoon (optional)


6 F Horns

2 B Tenor Wagner Tuben

2 F Bass Wagner Tuben

B Piccolo Trumpet

E Trumpet

2 C Trumpets

B Trumpet

Bass Trumpet

Alto Trombone

2 Tenor Trombones

Bass Trombone

Contrabass Trombone

2 B Flügelhorns

2 Tenor Tubas

Bass Tuba

Contrabass Tuba



2 Mallets*

6 Percussion*


2 Harps



4-8 Violoncellos

2-6 Double Basses



Symphony 2 - "The Forest of Dreams" - Full Score

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